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A Comprehensive Guide To Flexo® PET Colors

One of the most versatile varieties of braided sleeving is Flexo® PET from Techflex®. This lightweight, general purpose sleeving expands over 150% to cover oversized and irregularly shaped connectors. It withstands temperature ranges from -103°F (-75°C) to 257°F (125°C) and can tolerate a melt temperature up to 446°F (230°C). Moisture and UV light resistances are two of this product’s other admirable qualities. This essential cable management solution is sought after as well for its vast choice of colors, with more than 80 in its vibrant lineup. The many color options make Flexo® PET useful for wire identification, aesthetics, branding, visibility, and even to ensure wires integrate seamlessly into their surroundings.

How Flexo® PET Works in Wire Identification

Color coding plays a crucial role in alerting people to a wire’s function. Flexo® PET in specific colors can be layered over individual cables or bundles, to spell out their purposes. Among sleeving colors is red, which warns of hazards, such as if the wire is designated “hot” (meaning it is the cable or wire that carries the current). Red can also alert of higher temperatures or to clarify that a person should simply be cautious around a particular wire or cable. Orange is a hue allocated for aviation test cables, and for high voltage EV cables. The color green serves in environmentally sensitive applications, frequently for those within renewable energy systems. Flexo® PET in the green and yellow slanted Ground Stripe pattern helps to designate a ground wire. Nitrox is the yellow and green oblique striped sleeving that can increase the visibility of scuba hoses. Neon colors — especially yellow and bright orange — can be alternatively used to stand out under low-light or murky waters. Black and yellow diagonal striping is a color combination that helps to signal the importance of exercising caution around a specific wire.

Braided Sleeving for Aesthetics

The visual appeal of wiring should never be overlooked, whether it is for work or home applications. Different colors and patterns of braided sleeving can be applied to match a space’s décor. There are additionally Flexo® PET choices that introduce pops of color and personality to harnesses, with interesting patterns like Patriot (red, white, and blue), Holiday (red, green, and gold), Superhero (red and blue), and Reggae (black, red, yellow, and green). A touch of elegance and shimmer can be added to wires and cables when clear sleeving is layered over colored ones. The purplish black Black Magic gives harnesses a dramatic appearance and sheen. Several color families exist that provide wires with a unique look, like the UniTrace style, which is black with a tracer in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, or gold. Interesting special order patterns exist too within the Spyder color family.

Enhancing Branding with Braided Sleeving

Braided sleeving can be applied to wires to give them a unique appearance that reflects a company’s branding. That could be achieved with an appropriate color or pattern that syncs with the organization’s identity. For example, a company that has both black and red in its logo or branding could use Flexo® PET in black with red spiral for its wires. This style could be applied to cables within a conference room, lobby, office, or other place where personality and style can be flaunted. Wires could additionally be covered temporarily at a booth during a trade show, with colors representing a company’s identity. Braided sleeving may be incorporated into promotional items, like overlaying charging cables or headphone wires, in colors synonymous with a brand.

Increasing Visibility

We already covered how braided sleeving can command attention for scuba hoses in underwater environments, but there are other settings where wires may need to be easily visible. Attention-grabbing colors can draw attention to cables in nearly any situation. Another method is using braided sleeving in a shade that contrasts with the backdrop where the wire is located. Some cables may need to be prominent in a home theater system, for example. Braided sleeving in a bright shade for a certain wire within the bunch can help it be easily identified for maintenance. An industrial area with interconnected machinery and equipment could be another place where braided sleeving can make wiring conspicuous. Special occasions can be accompanied by eye catching cables. Covering cords for holiday decorations with the Flexo® PET pattern Good Cheer, could add a festive vibe. White braided sleeving may set the mood at weddings as it shrouds audio and sound equipment wires, not only in keeping with the event’s theme, but to ensure they are visible to guests, averting trip and fall incidents during the celebration.

Downplaying the Appearance of Wires

There are some cases where wires may need to be camouflaged instead of prominent. Computer or vehicle cables are often intended to maintain a neutral appearance, with black or gray braided sleeving choices that can be used to minimize the look of wires in those circumstances. Deemphasizing their presence with muted sleeving can make cables less enticing to curious babies or pets. In a home setting, a light fixture on a piece of wooden furniture could be protected and blanketed with Flexo® PET in brown, to blend into this household item. Forest green braided sleeving can also be applied within outdoor environments, to cover wires running near plants.

Visit Techflex® here to view the full spectrum of Flexo® PET sleeving colors and patterns.

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