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A New Legend Returns

BMW has created the ‘ultimate driving machines’ generation after generation. The M3 earned it’s reputation in the late 80’s by dominating the World Turing Car Championships. The E30 generation M3 became a dream car for many during those years and the Warsteiner sponsored champion is still an unforgettable icon. Today we had a rare visit from the brand new version of the 1987 legend. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the championship vehicle BMW North America created this amazing tribute car. This 2017 M3 would surely give the original a run for its money right out of the box with its performance features. The powerful and reliable carbon ceramic breaks would have been a wishlist item for the race teams in the 80’s for sure but it’s the throwback race decals that stole the show when it pulled up to Techflex® Headquarters today.

“It’s not every day that you get to see a race superstar pull up to your factory” said William Dermody IV of Techflex®. Todays Warsteiner M3 demands attention and with over 400 horsepower you will quickly forget you are driving a 4-door sedan. It’s more like a race car for the road than a grocery getter. BMW sure got it right with this tribute car and it will inspire a whole new generation of kids to dream of driving an M3.

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