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A Phoenix Rises!

The world of online cable management product distribution saw a big change this winter when industry giant CableOrganizer.com filed for bankruptcy protection. Thanks to some quick thinking, our friends at Igwanna were able to rescue the majority of the assets and inventory and get the website back up and running. As of today, CableOrganizer.com looks and feels better than ever.

CableOrganizer.com was founded back in 2002. Over time, the original owners grew the grassroots company into a thriving business offering over 100,000 products from leading brands like Panduit, Techflex®, Checkers, and many more. Millions of customers loved the site’s comprehensive curation of products that were underrepresented in traditional channels. In 2007, CableOrganizer.com was even added to Inc. Magazine’s list of top 500 fastest growing privately owned companies.

This impressive growth made CableOrganizer.com attractive to the acquisition group KT Capital, and they purchased the site in 2013. Unfortunately, they faltered in their management of the operation and, in December of 2019, were forced to halt order processing. That’s when Igwanna stepped in and purchased CableOrganizer.com in January of 2020. Igwanna is a brand management company that focuses heavily on cable, hose, and wire products.

It’s pretty clear to see that the new team is working hard and on its way to make CableOrganizer.com a five-star cable management distributor once again, with fresh updates to the site and a revitalized focus on quality. According to the CableOrganizer® sales manager, orders are running quickly and smoothly, and customer service has improved by leaps and bounds. And this is just the beginning! We are glad to see that CableOrganizer.com is back up and running and we look forward to exciting things to come.

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