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A Rodent’s Worst Enemy

Check out this article about Rodents eating wiring in the classic car world. The guys at Garagistry.com have touched on a big problem in the world that we in the wire and cable industry have known about for years. Rodents love to eat wires. Some wire jacketing is so popular with mice that you would think it was made of peanut butter. Braided PET based sleevings are a great solution for deterring rodents from eating harnesses and hoses. The inherent properties of both the small hard filaments and the polyethylene base material keeps wires well protected from the casual rat dining menu. For aggressive rodents in high pest traffic zones Techflex® has invented their newest rodent wire and hose protective solution aptly named Flexo® Rodent Resistant (RR).

If you run camera cables in train tunnels or sensor wires in a food processing facility you know rodents are a big factor. Flexo RR adds the repellant characteristics you have been looking for to make your wires invisible to the mouse on the hunt for a snack.

Check out the article on Garagistry.com You can check out Techflex’ s new Flexo® Rodent Resistant here at their website.

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