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Amp Rack Assembly

Taylor Thorne gives us an extraordinary example of wire harnessing in the car audio industry. Nobody can deny the sophistication and complexity of the audio system in his 91’ Toyota Corolla Sedan. This amp rack is cleanly organized and a prime example of organized wiring. It is easy to see where the wires begin and end making maintenance and replacement easier. Identification is also improved by the use of different colors of Heatshrink Tubing.

Taylor exampled his system to us very thoroughly for all the audio enthusiasts out there. “The system when finished will be a Pioneer GM-D9601 for 1200wrms to a pair of 15in JBL GTO-1514D subwoofers in an infinite baffle configuration. A Pioneer GM-D8604 for 4 channels, 100wrms each to a pair of Seas H1396 tweeters and a pair of 3in ScanSpeak midrange drivers, plus another Pioneer GM-D8604 bridged for 300wrms each to a pair of 8in ScanSpeak midbass drivers. All signal processing will be handled by an eight channel Helix P-DSP.”

He also told us, ‘wiring consists of Monster Cable 1/0 OFC from the battery to the amp rack along with some 1/0 OFC welding cable for grounds. Power distribution is done using T-Spec distribution blocks out to 4 awg OFC welding cable to each amp. Speaker wire is 12 gauge OFC speaker wire from Monoprice, all of it wrapped in Techflex® Flexo® FR sleeving‘. His use of the Flexo FR in black with white tracer is a nice touch to the aesthetic appeal of his assembly. The Heatshrink Tubing provides a perfect termination.

The wires and cables in this assembly are kept tightly in place with some regular black cable ties as well as some black screw mount cable ties. Cable ties allow for economical simple harnessing as well as easy cutting to release cables if the need to dissemble arises. This assembly is sleek and unlike any other we’ve featured and we would like to thank Taylor Thorne for providing this awesome project to us!

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