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Bass Head Blues

Instagram has led us to a lot of great Wire Harness examples, many of which we have featured on this site such as @Car.Audio.Culture. It has also led us to Tord Larsen who shared his simple cable management project with us. He is a self-proclaimed Bass head who does a nice job on sleek assembly.

The Car audio industry is very knowledgeable about cable management and works hard to perfect the presentation of their wire harnesses. Tord Larsen is no exception to that statement. His fuse holder may be small but it is a prime example of simple yet clean assembly. His use of blue Flexo® PET adds a nice pop of color to this assembly. Blue was the perfect choice for this assembly but there are a variety of different color options when it comes to personalization using Flexo®. The bright color will create a nice contrasting focal point for his audio system when it’s installed.

Thanks to Tord for sharing this fuse holder assembly with us. Hopefully he shares his installation photos with us, and the rest of instagram, in the near future. Make sure you go check out his custom fuse holder for yourself!

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