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Blue Beauty

Randy Riggs has a show stopping 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe with a slick custom blue paint job. Randy has customized this car from top to bottom, especially under the hood! From the slick paint job to the custom made wheels, this car is a work of art. This car has already been featured as the centerfold of Option Magazine. Randy is a member of R-Rydes, short for ‘Our Rides’, which is a group of friends who share a passion for cars. They build together for the experience, camaraderie and glory of showing them off. Check out different R-Rydes cars on Facebook.

Under the hood of this car doesn’t disappoint. The hand built motor is a definite eye catcher! The neon purple anodized elements add a pop of color that makes the chrome shine perfectly. The use of the Metal Braided Sleeving is a perfect way to keep the element of glossy metal continuous throughout the entire assembly.

Is it a surprise to anyone that this car has received a variety of awards at a multitude of different car exhibitions? The appreciation for quality craftsmanship and detail that Randy has is extraordinary; make sure you check out his page or other photos of this blue beauty. We want to thank him for allowing us to feature his custom ride.

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