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Can You Spot The Sleeving?

When many people initially think of braided sleeving, they often first consider its uses for bundling bulk cables or harnesses. Realistically though, there are thousands of beneficial ways to apply this versatile protection. WireHarness.com recently learned of a creative cable sleeving application in an unexpected place, detailed in the photos within this article. Can you find it?

Have you ever considered the idea of using this cable management cover for wires on electric foldaway attic stairs? While many retractable ladder stairs are manually pulled down from the ceiling, there are also motorized types. A remote control operates these electric attic stairs. Where there is electric, of course there are wires. When there is wiring, there is a need for expandable sleeving. It can fit quickly and easily over long runs and oversized connectors. Protective sleeves can withstand a wide operating range of temperatures and are chemical, UV and abrasion resistant. Products like Flexo® PET are available in a generous selection of colors, which can also be applied for color coding or to create a custom look for harnesses.

Curious about other clever uses for cable sleeves? Visit the Techflex® Customer Projects page for braided sleeving ideas that range from golf tees to sunglass straps to athletic shoes. Before you explore those innovative creations, see our previous article with another ingenious braided sleeving application — proton pack mods.

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