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Car Audio Culture

When looking for examples of Wire Harnesses, Instagram is an awesome place to look. The variety of ways to manage cables and wires is endless and the applications vary greatly. For example, I stumbled upon Jake Phil, known as @Car.Audio.Culture on Instagram. He provided a good example of cable management in the Car Audio Industry.

The ‘Car Audio Culture’ project was started around October of last year in an effort to change the current direction of car audio as seen through social networks, specifically Instagram. As of right now, C.A.C is one of the only three known car audio pages that truly supports the culture of car audio by giving credit where credit is due as well as offering free advertisements and referrals to individuals, companies, distributors, and shops that they believe to be truly supporting and benefiting the car audio industry with truthful, hard working, and, especially, enthusiastic characteristics.

He often features photos of impressive and unique assemblies. They are a great place to peruse a wide variety of assemblies by different Instagram users. ‘Car Audio Culture’ recently ordered some awesome looking custom printed heatshrink from Wirecare.com for use on their projects. If you are interested in checking out some custom Car Audio Systems check out @Car.Audio.Culture on instagram.

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