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The Most Hilarious Cable Labeling Memes on the Internet

Tangled Server Room cables

One of the most practical tools in cable management can additionally generate some of the greatest anecdotes. What are some of the remarkably creative and amusing ways the Internet has shown cable labeling in action? Our first cable label discovery was on an ingenious label affixed to a pipe at one plant. The Redditor who […]

Top Cable Management Tools & Products of 2023

Top Cable Management Products of 2023 from Cable Organizer®

Editor’s Note: WireHarness.com has passed the mic over to our friends at CableOrganizer® for this post. As experts in cable management for over two decades, CableOrganizer® has their fingers on the pulse of what has been trending in cable management in 2023. Are you ready to take cable management to the next level in all areas of […]

Who You Gonna Call For Proton Packs?

Ghostbuster Proton Pack with Braided Sleeving

Did you try ordering the screen accurate Flexo® PET neon yellow braided sleeving with the black tracer from WireCare® for your Proton Pack mod, only to discover it ghosted you? If you were slimed while waiting for its return, we’ve got some great news — the sleeving has returned to the WireCare® website. Some back story about the back […]

A Phoenix Rises!

Cable Organizer Is Back

The world of online cable management product distribution saw a big change this winter when industry giant CableOrganizer.com filed for bankruptcy protection. Thanks to some quick thinking, our friends at Igwanna were able to rescue the majority of the assets and inventory and get the website back up and running. As of today, CableOrganizer.com looks […]

Braided Wheels

Braided Wheels

Porsche announced this week that they have created the world’s first braided wheel. Having seen the advantages braiding can add to a wire harness we are excited to see this new use for a great technology. Porsche has successfully created a wheel that is 20 times stronger and 20% lighter. This is a great formula […]