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A Comprehensive Guide To Flexo® PET Colors

Flexo PET

One of the most versatile varieties of braided sleeving is Flexo® PET from Techflex®. This lightweight, general purpose sleeving expands over 150% to cover oversized and irregularly shaped connectors. It withstands temperature ranges from -103°F (-75°C) to 257°F (125°C) and can tolerate a melt temperature up to 446°F (230°C). Moisture and UV light resistances are […]

The 5 Cable Management Mistakes You May Be Making Be Making – And Want to Avoid

When moving into a new space, or reorganizing an old one, it is crucial to organize wires and cables. Not doing so can lead to issues, varying from jumbled cords to degraded equipment, from the strain caused by improper wire organization. What are some of the mistakes people make when not prioritizing cable management? 1. […]

What Are the Different Techflex® Sleeving Categories?

No braided sleeving or wrap is the same. Each has its own characteristics designed to work in specific temperatures, be around particular hazards, and withstand various environments. For those reasons, they come in different materials, and styles, with Techflex® a go-to trusted braided sleeving and wrap resource. To facilitate choosing sleeving or wrap for an […]

Tips for Selecting the Right Deutsch Connector for Specific Applications

Deutsch connectors were designed to push past challenges like dirt, dust, moisture, salt spray, temperature fluctuations, vibrations, space constraints, and rough terrain. But how does one know which Deutsch connector is the best match for an application? Our team consulted once again with the experts at BuyDeutsch.com, inquiring about some of the applications where various […]

What Are the Top 5 Connector Types Found In Automotive Applications

The connectors you choose for automotive applications can make or break your vehicle’s performance. The ones you select should resist a myriad of environmental conditions, and hold up against dirt, moisture, shock, vibration, and other threats. We turned to the experts at BuyDeutsch.com, who provided us with five connector recommendations below. BuyDeutsch.com stocks more than […]

Top 10 Cable Tie Installation Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Cable Ties

Installing cable ties is simple but when it is done improperly, there can be devastating outcomes, whether that is damage to a wire or to the structure where it is located. Here are the Top 10 mistakes people make when putting zip ties into place, and the ways to sidestep them. Shop at CableOrganizer® for […]

Choosing the Right Cable Tie Material for Your Application

Cable Tie Materials

Editor’s Note: WireHarness.com was provided this article by our friends are WireCare.com. You likely know already the many benefits of using cable ties for your cable management projects. One type of zip tie cannot universally be used for every wire application. How do you know which wire ties work best for your project? Maurus Logan, […]

Features & Benefits of Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch Connector Set

Are you on a quest for reliable and rugged connectors that can hold up in harsh environments? Deutsch DT Connectors may be what you are looking for. Deutsch Connectors began their overall rich history in aviation and military applications. Alex Deutsch founded the company in 1938, making historical connections in 1958, when the company produced […]

How Braided Sleeving Saved The Day

Painless Classic Braid Kit

Investing a small amount into a project can sometimes make a significant difference. Manuel Llamas, who runs the @909Chevelle Instagram page, knows from experience. He retold his story to his followers in an unsponsored video about the Painless Performance Products® ClassicBraid™ Performance Wiring Wrap Kit. Llamas said he spent about $200 on the kit and then applied it to the […]

Top Cable Management Tools & Products of 2023

Top Cable Management Products of 2023 from Cable Organizer®

Editor’s Note: WireHarness.com has passed the mic over to our friends at CableOrganizer® for this post. As experts in cable management for over two decades, CableOrganizer® has their fingers on the pulse of what has been trending in cable management in 2023. Are you ready to take cable management to the next level in all areas of […]