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Is That A Chevy Chevelle?

This gorgeous 1969 Candy Apple Red Beaumont, built by Jordan, Jesse, and Harry Henke, was a big hit at the 2013 Hotrod & Restoration Tradeshow in Indianapolis in early March.  Commonly mistaken for a Chevy Chevelle, the Beaumont was sold under the Pontiac-Buick name but primarily for the Canadian markets. Under the hood, the Canadian “JESEZGRL” boasts a LS2 motor, a myriad of Gates hose clamps keeping the hoses connected as well as some neatly dressed hoses and wires.  Techflex’s Dura Flex® Pro was used on the hoses while the versatile F6® Split Braid sleeving was the wrap of choice on the wires.

Dressing and protecting hoses with heavy duty Dura Flex® Pro and terminating the connections with heat shrinkable Gates hose clamps creates a consistent finished look without sacrificing functionality or safety.

Flexo® F6® is an ideal solution for managing and dressing harnesses when removal or disassembly isn’t an option. The full length split allows the sleeving to be installed over wires that are in place and connected, ensuring a quick and easy installation and a beautiful, customized finished product.


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