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Controlled Computer Cables

Lately I have been surfing the world of Instagram for some unique and well-made Wire harnesses. I often find a lot of harnesses under the hoods of souped-up cars and in Audio systems. However, computer cable management is just as complex and potentially visually appealing as uses in other industries.

I found this great example of cable management inside a PC belonging to Jason Tabuso. His PC’s cable management is a simple yet sleek solution providing a controlled and less confusing bundle of wires and cables. The use of the black Cable Ties adds to the sleek look of the primarily black setup. Continuing to coordinate with the black setup is the black Techflex® terminated cleanly with small cuts of black Heatshrink, which was also used to bundle the wires. There are a wide variety of styles and flexibility ranges with Techflex® Braided Sleeving. If Jason had decided to add a pop of wild color with sleeving there are a wide variety of color options with Flexo® PET. In this case, the red and yellow wires provide the pop of color this project needed to get that visual appeal.

I recently even stumbled upon an awesome yet simple case mod kit for from WireCare® called the Case Modding Kit , it includes pre-cut sleeving and heatshrink in a variety of colors to help you customize your PC. It’s the perfect kit for beginners in the case mod craze!

Case mod can be wild and crazy or, like in this case, the constrained and sleek style like the one belonging to Jason Tabuso. We would like to thank him for allowing us to feature his project!

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