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Customized Instrument Cables

St. Henri Cable Co. was founded September 2014 in Montreal. “By combining our interests in design, soldering, music and business, we came up with a great idea for all musicians which makes buying instrument cables a lot more interesting!! We want to see people using colorful cables across Canada.” St. Henri creates simple yet visually attractive instrument cables.

St. Henri Cable Co. uses a wide spectrum of colors of Techflex® braided sleeving products. Techflex offers a variety of different sleeving options but when it comes to color nothing competes with VELCRO® Brands ONE-WRAP® Fasteners to hold their cables in a neat bundle, while easily allowing for removal and reapplication when necessary.

Flexo® PET also features some UV reactive color options, which you can see below. They are without a doubt the perfect way to make your instrument cables an eye catcher under black lights during shows and performances.

If you really want that extra bling and shine on your cables, St. Henri has no problem accommodating that! As seen below, They use some Techflex® Flexo® Mylar which is ideal for cosmetic applications. This thin lightweight sleeving is perfect for adding that extra glam to your cables.

We want to than St. Henri Cable Co. for sharing their sleek sleeving application with us.

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