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Features & Benefits of Deutsch Connectors

Are you on a quest for reliable and rugged connectors that can hold up in harsh environments? Deutsch DT Connectors may be what you are looking for.

Deutsch Connectors began their overall rich history in aviation and military applications. Alex Deutsch founded the company in 1938, making historical connections in 1958, when the company produced a mountable connector with detachable contacts. Alex Deutsch’s invention and company took off worldwide, with Deutsch Connectors now part of TE Connectivity (TE).

What especially makes Deutsch DT Connectors so sought after? The DT family branches off into several lines, including DT, DTM, and DTP Connectors. Each of these is a champion in harsh environments, with environmentally sealed weather-proofing features to protect against moisture and contaminants. They are known as a choice for performance racing, automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial, and other challenging applications, because each contact is capable of remaining stable as it withstands extreme vibrations and mechanical stresses. You can learn more here about each one on the TE Connectivity website, but a brief overview of each of these reliable connectors, and their benefits, is below:

Deutsch DT Connectors:

  • A user friendly and economical connector.
  • Often used in the performance racing and transportation industries.
  • These have multiple size 16 Deutsch Contacts.
  • Each contact is capable of 13-amp continuous capacity.
  • This connector features a thermoplastic housing.
  • It has a rectangular shape with an in-line, printed circuit board, or flange mounts.
  • There are up to 12 cavities, arranged at 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12.

Deutsch DTM Connectors:

  • An advanced design connector, for reliable signal circuits.
  • These are multi-pin connectors with lower amperage.
  • The usual application is in the engine area, transmission, and under the hood overall.
  • These provide reliable peak connector performance.
  • There are 20 multiple size Deutsch Contacts.
  • Each contact is capable of 7.5-amp continuous capacity.
  • A miniature series that has 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 cavities.

Deutsch DTP Connectors:

  • These are designed for the most demanding, higher power, harsh environment applications.
  • There are 12 multiple size Deutsch Contacts, with 2 and 4 cavities.
  • Each contact is capable of 25-amp continuous capacity at 248°F (120°C).

Something Deutsch connectors are known for is their ease of installation and removal by hand, which makes them great in the field. They are constructed with locking features and positive weatherproofing. DT Connectors can handle high voltages and currents, maintaining superb electrical performance, and low contact resistance.

How is a Deutsch Connector installed? Wires must first be crimped with a Deutsch Contact. The wiring diagram then needs to be followed for insertion of the respective wire into the correct cavity. Each cavity has a corresponding letter or number. Then hold the contact about an inch behind the contact barrel, pushing it into the rear grommet until it clicks. Tug the wire slightly to make sure it is in place. Open cavities need sealing plugs that are the appropriate size. DT Connectors require a wedgelock to keep the assembly secure.

You can find the Deutsch DT Series, DTM Series, and DTP Series, plus contacts, accessories, kits, and more at BuyDeutsch.com.

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