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Glowing Green!

Customizing your wire harness is a way of expressing your creativity and personal style. @ibrahimhamdy on Instagram recently shared his Computer Mod project with us. His stlye includes some awesome neon green sleeving and cooling system.

Ibrahim used come Neon Green Flexo® PET to give an awesome pop of colors to his cables and wires. Mixing the solid green with a green checked pattern similar to Ogre Flexo® PET adds a nice secondary pattern to his assembly. His terminated the ends of his sleeving very nicely using some matching green Heatshrink. This assembly would also look just as great with black heatshrink instead.

The neon green color theme continues even outside the wire harness itself. He used green coolant to take his project to the next level and give it an out of this world look! We want to thank @ibrahimhamdy for sharing his custom assembly with us!

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