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Header Wrap Hookup

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2015 was an awesome experience for everyone who attended and Wireharness.com was no exception! We spent 6 days admiring and drooling over the examples of motorcycle craftsmanship filling the streets of Sturgis. During Sturgis there were some awesome wire harness and cable management set-ups that couldn’t escape our attention!

Header Wrap, when applied with finesse, can add a sleek and powerful look to your motorcycle. Header Wrap is an extremely temperature wrap used to cover headers and exhausts in order to enhance performance. Although it is not meant to add aesthetic appeal, it can add a level of craftsmanship that enhances to the wow factor of any motorcycle. The bikers at Sturgis didn’t hesitate when it came to using Header Wrap. If the natural color of Header Wrap is not your style it is also available in black, which can appear even sleeker.Header Wrap adds a professionally finished appearance to any motorcycle.

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