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Home Theatre Harnessing

Derrick Mckee known as @unbound_brewer on Instagram embraces one of the more unique and personalized cable management applications, a home theatre! Having a complex home theatre has its benefits and its drawbacks. Who doesn’t love a 52in television with all the bonus add-ons that allow us to watch our favorite blu-rays in HD or 3D with surround sound? All that technology brings with it wires and cables that need to be tamed or else your home theatre will be a chaotic mess.

Managing the wires and cables in your home theatre not only makes the system more presentable in appearance, it allows the user to easily identify and access specific wires. I think you would agree with me that Derrick McKee did an awesome job improving the appearance and usability of his theatre system. He centralized all his wires and cables above his TV Wall Mount. Having a wall mounted TV makes cable management and concealment even more important for visual appeal. The wires with extra long cords are rolled up to a usable length and secured. Using something like Cable Ties or Ripties to secure the rolled cables allows easy access to them if the future if they need to be elongated or shortened.

Most people don’t realize how wide of an audience cable management applies to. There are a wide variety of different industries that we don’t even realize that use and embrace cable management on a daily basis. Wire harness applications are often used by people interested in: Cars, Motorcycles, Aviation, Boats, Audio Systems, Computers, Gaming, home theatre, construction as well as home & office applications. We would like to thank Derrick for sharing his home Theatre set up with us.

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