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Honda Civic EX

This 2002 Satin Silver Metallic Honda Civic EX with a EM2 Chassis is a highlight project of its builder Raymond Humphrey, known as @em2r.ay on Instagram. The car has been upgraded with the JDM K20A Integra Type R Swap with a built shortblock. It also features a K20A Integra Type R Limited Slip 6 Speed Transmission and a Dual Ball Bearing 6262 turbo, producing 447 WHP and 316 Foot pounds of torque!

Raymond used a multiple kinds of Techflex® sleeving, including F6® Split Braid sleeving for the Chassis Harness on the interior of the car and F6® Woven Braid for the Chassis, Engine and Headlight harnesses. Where the F6® Woven Wrap came close to hot components, such as the Turbo and Exhaust Manifolds, He used T6 Thermashield® to provide extra protection.

For stainless steel fuel lines and coolant hoses which run very close to exhaust components, Raymond used Insultherm® Ultra Flex® Pro to Protect them from the high temperatures. He also used The Insultherm® Ultra Flex® Pro on the oil return form the turbo to the oil pan to prevent the oil from absorbing radiant heat and keep oil temperatures down. The Turbo Manifold, Downpipe and Wastefate Dumptube, are also very hot components, and were all wrapped in Volcano® Wrap to Reduce the temperatures within the engine compartment. Raymond has been working on Hondas for a little over a decade and says ‘It’s what I love to do.’ Its no wonder this Civic came out awesome, Raymond really did an amazing job!

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