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It’s Music To Our Ears

In the years of late, audio power cables have become almost as important as the speaker themselves. Gone are the days of interference from power cables and, ushering in an era of sweet sounds, in comes the beautiful “The Air” by WK Audio.

Not only is The Air in a quality class all its own, but the craftsmanship of this cable is a work of art. The Air is a high-end reference power cable made one hundred percent by hand using high purity oxygen free copper. This cable is a compilation of three different cores. Each of them has a different design, different cross-section, and different materials. All 3 cores are independently run and braided with Witek’s own unique proprietary technique and they have their own anti-vibration layers while being isolated from each other resulting in a unique sonic signature.

The Air is terminated with top-of-the-line Furutech I-E50 NCF and FI-50 NCF plugs. This display of engineering and mechanics is polished off with a beautiful monochromatic blue braided sleeving along with a metal name plate attached with a red leather strap making it as gorgeous as it useful.

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