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King Of The Road

Motorcycles hold a special place in our hearts, and it seems that some of you feel the same way. Our friend Ken Keadle recently sent us photos of his 09′ Harley Davidson Road King Classic and it’s one impressive bike. Recently, he has been working on some simple fixes to the bike including a new breather and a dynamometer tune up. What we can’t wait to show you is the wiring in his headlights!

Ken did an awesome job labeling and organizing his wiring set-up as you can tell! The use of Deutsch Connectors is a no brainer choice when working with electrical wiring. They are simple and easy to assembly. They even come in such a wide variation of contacts and sizes no matter your situation there is a Deutsch connector that will work for you!

When customizing or fixing up your perfect bike every choice you make matters, even the little ones! In the words of Ken ‘Though hidden inside the headlight nacelle, the connectors are still meaningful details.’ We couldn’t agree more! A proper and well-maintained wire harness can go long way in any DIY project especially on a beauty like Ken’s Harley! Thanks to Ken Keadle for sharing his bike project with us.

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