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Lexus RCF

Pushing the limits is what separates us from the apes. Humans don’t need to get to their next meal at 170mph but for many of us it feels good to know we could if we wanted to. All this power comes with a heavy burden on the engineers at Lexus to fit more power into a small space and they did it in style.

Look at this well executed hot knife cut and tape job that they did on the Flexo® PET Braided Sleeving on this climate hose. The small protective Nylon® Monofilament Sleeves make it clear that when this motor was built by someone cared about the details. I love the blue accents under the hood on the 5.0L V8. Hard to believe this car has so much engine and still feels like it is gliding through the turns.

The last bit of wire harnessing Genius I saw is the F6® Woven material tucked out of the way under the main cowlings. This material was clearly selected for its ability to protect the harness inside but avoid adding a lot of bulk. The Techflex® F6® Woven material is perfect where you need a lot of bundling strength and stamina and not a lot of wasted space like some other wiring looms. The drive was a lot of fun as you should expect from such a well-engineered piece of human driving equipment.

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