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Lights! Camera! Sleeving?

We see Techflex® sleeving products used all around us. We can find it in cars, on boats, in hundreds of industrial and in-home applications. The applications for Flexo® PET and other sleeving products are almost endless. I was recently behind the scenes visiting the set of the Bravo TV series ‘Watch What Happens: Live’ with Andy Cohen and noticed this awesome sleeving application!

This camera and all of the surrounding wires and cables were all bundled in some of Techflex’s Black Flexo® Clean Cut®. It was keeping all of the wires neat, organized and manageable. While the black color helped keep the low profile appearance of the camera gear in the background of such an awesome looking set. An added bonus of Flexo® Clean Cut® is that you can cut it with scissors with no fraying, which allows people who don’t have as much experience with braided sleeving products to have a clean application!

This goes to show you that a quality cable management strategies and Wire harnesses can be found anywhere, not just under the hood of a car! Next time you are on set, or anywhere for that matter, take a look around and see what the professionals are using!

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