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Maximize The Ride With This Aston Martin

Aston Martin

When an Aston Martin Vantage F1® Edition rolls into the Techflex® garage, it’s just there for a quick stop before heading out for a spin. Their team was long overdue for an Aston visit. The prior one that graced their garage with its presence was an Aston Martin DBS that cruised in during the pandemic.

This one was another unforgettable Aston adventure. The Coupe F1® Edition can reach a top speed of 195 mph, delivering power at 527 bhp, and traveling between 0 and 62 mph within 3.6 seconds.

The Techflex® crew that had the chance to sample this two-door, two-seater told the WireHarness.com crew this machine knew how to apply its horsepower to the highway. They described it as both “a lot of fun to drive,” while offering “great visibility of the road, considering the powerful Mercedes V8 under the hood.”

Under the Hood of the Aston Martin
Side View of the Aston Martin

Aston Martin did an amazing job shaping the car in such a way to maximize the driver’s experience,” they said.

Their team was wowed by the car’s instrument panel “with all the controls you need presented as a button in the center.” “This makes it very easy and natural to find the control you are looking for,” one of them commented. 

As the famous British Aston Martin-embracing spy is known for his expertise as an operative, the braided sleeving experts at Techflex® took note of what was supporting the harnesses within this car. They reported a considerable amount of Tesa® Tape had been an OEM application to wrap and safeguard the harnesses. Tesa® Tape is a product among the WireCare® #WireCrew Family Faves revered for its abilities to securely cover harnesses with high abrasion protection and temperature resistance. The Techflex® team additionally saw split braided sleeving like their Flexo® F6® “in vulnerable places for added protection.”

The base retail price for this extraordinary car is one that will make a person aim for that secret agent career path and salary. One would surely benefit from adding this capable car to their undercover fleet.   

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