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Mercedes AMG CT Coupe

When a legendary car company pulls out all the stops and creates a car for people with practically no budget, they roll out supercars that most of us can only dream about. Some of these supercars have prices approaching the $200k mark which, in turn, have mere mortals left desiring just a tiny glimpse when its owner dares to fire it up and take it for a Sunday drive.

Well, not today. Today we got to see, touch, hear, AND DRIVE the Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe…and the experience lived up to the hype. Every curve – masterfully carved. Every piece of material – expertly placed. Designed with such skill that this beast of front engine vehicle could look like the elegant and gorgeous belle of the ball that it is. On the road, it has power to spare and backs up that power with tight handling and incredible stopping power. I think if the Bond villains had a fleet of these James would never have stood a chance.

The wires and hoses on this beauty are tastefully done as you can imagine. It was obvious that the engineers had a lot of heat issues to deal with. The battery and break cylinder live in their own separate zone under the hood. In addition to that, to help combat some of these high temp concerns, a product similar to Techflex® Thermashield® was used to maintain consistent temperatures on the fuel and air intakes. A few of the cooling hoses also used some standard Nylon braided sleeving for added protection.

Overall, marks for this car and its details are extremely high. Each engine builders signature is proudly displayed on the engine which only adds to the originality and rarity of this model. At Techflex, we are so thankful to have such great customers and friends and for the experience of getting under the hood of this precision product that helps stoke the fires of our own engineering team. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz USA for the chance to go over your new supercar. It is great to see such good engineering in motion!

Special thanks to David Haueter – Build one in your color for free at: www.mbusa.com

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