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Organization Overhaul

Some people know how to handle wire bundles, other don’t. Mike Ciurczak, known as @polishmenace on Instagram, is one of those people who take pride in cleaning up poorly constructed wire harnesses. Mike often posts wire harness revamps on his Instagram page for others to witness the cable management atrocities people commit, and how he saves them! For example, below is a before and after of a cable box wire harness that was screaming for some much needed help. Luckily Mike came to the rescue with some clear Cable Ties and patience.

Mike also used Cable Ties to create and clean and polished wire harness to a DirectTv setup. The benefit of harnessing with cable or zip ties is that they aren’t permanent, they can be easily cut off if the harness needs to be rearranged.

He is also experienced in working with smart home automation racks. Both home automation and server racks have a lot of wires and cables making cable identification hard and often frustrating if changes need to be made. Once again Cable Ties often help with the bundling of the cables. In some cases, Techflex® Braided Sleeving could help with cable identification, while also being aesthetically attractive for visible wire harnesses. Wires could also be identified a variety of other ways including the use of Dotz Cord Identifiers. Dotz are small plastic capsules containing labels that can be easily clamped onto wires, and just as easily removed. They are available in a variety of colors allowing for wires to be color coded as well as labeled. The easier the wires are to identify, the easier maintenance and replacements are made to any rack setup. We would like to thank Mike Ciurczak for sharing his cable management solutions with us!

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