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Creative Cabling Solutions Pull Elbow™

Creative Cabling Solutions’ patented Pull Elbow™ cabling tool allows you to pull cable around corners as easily as pulling through conduit. This re-usable tool has no moving parts to cut or pinch the cables. It mounts in seconds when pulling cables, and allows you to keep the cables at ceiling level during the pull. When dressing the cables back (securing them in place), the cables are removed from the tool through a slot conveniently located on the back side of the elbow, and the pull elbow can be removed as quickly as it was mounted.

The smooth inner surface that allows the cables to glide around corners, also preserves the integrity of the cable, by insuring that bends aren’t sharper than the cables’ “minimum bend radius” rating. By keeping the cables at ceiling level during the installation process, your customers are spared the hazard and inconvenience of having long lengths of cable laid out on the floor. The cable is thus protected from damage by keeping it up high and out of the way while being installed.

Cable ties are used at the ends of the tube to keep the cables inside during the pull, then simply cut them to remove the cables when finished. This tool is very useful on long runs in locations such as: manufacturing, shipping, receiving and warehouse areas, especially where heavy forklift traffic exists. It is also excellent in schools, busy offices, hospitals, colleges, etc.


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