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Purple PC Mod

In an earlier case mod article we promised you a more wild and crazy case mod setup and here it is! Neil Holmes shared these photo with us of his ongoing PC modding project. Neil is into gaming and has quite the setup to prove it!

Neil and his son worked together to modify his PC to have a more wild visual appeal. They chose to go with a bright purple color scheme by using some Techflex’s purple Flexo® PET. If purple isn’t your style you can get Flexo® PET in almost 40 different colors and patterns. Customizing the PC to your taste is what makes each one so unique and interesting to look at. Terminating the purple sleeving with some pieces of purple Heatshrink tubing creates a cohesive and finished look to the cables. Neil has no problem making this wire harness unique and eye catching. This is an assembly to be proud of and has a professional finish! We can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve for this PC Mod.

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