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Riding Into The Future With The BMW I4 M50

This stunning BMW i4 M50 was the latest automotive visitor that pulled into the Techflex® R&D Center this past week. It’s a beauty both on its exterior and interior, but especially what’s underneath the hood.

This sedan knows how to get the show on the road, its all-electric 536hp powerplant taking it from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds. What separates this car from other EVs? BMW recognized that many drivers miss the sound feedback in a silent electric powered car. They teamed up with Hans Zimmer (yes, that Hans Zimmer, of “Gladiator,” “Blade Runner 2049” and “Dune” fame), the famous composer creating a resonant and futuristic soundtrack that simulates the ride in a fuel-powered car. We can tell you from our time with this car it is a game changer and creates very natural feedback for the driver.

With a lift of the hood, the high voltage cables that interconnect the electric traction motor to its concealed battery unit show the obvious departure from gas-powered vehicles. These cables are part of powering up the 83.9 kWh 399 V lithium-ion battery underneath the chassis, capable of storing electricity to maintain a charge time of 8.25h at 220V for approximately 300 miles. A DC Fast Charge can squeeze about 97 miles within 10 minutes. With that level of power flowing through this vehicle, it’s essential to understand more about the network of wires that give the BMW i4 M50 its abilities.

The car’s variety of bright orange sleevings show the role our friends at Techflex® play within this space. Several versions of BMW specific products have been produced to meet protection needs of all types. It’s especially important for first responders to recognize those cables in electric vehicles, should the need arise to approach an EV in an emergency. Orange Flexo® PET or F6® can be applied to critical high voltage wires to solve for this important identification need. With over 50 years of experience creating electrical protection solutions it’s great to see companies like BMW and Techflex building the future.

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