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Smart House Harness

We are all aware that Technology is a huge part of our lives and becomes more advanced on almost a daily basis. There are some of us that make being technologically savvy a more integral part of their lives. Smart Homes have started to become more popular in recent years and have reached a high level of sophistication. Smart homes can feature everything from remote thermostats, to surveillance systems, and automated door locks. Not to mention the advancements in entertainment technologies, including Smart Tvs. Home automation and technology-based controls are things that Instagram’s @everything_onpoint is interested in.

Although technology is advancing, it can still result in a lot of tangled wires and cables in need of some attention. @everything_onpoint first step was to take his jumbled wires and connect everything to the control rack. Even at that point the cables needed some more attention. There are a variety of ways that he could have handled the organization of his cables including Lacing TapeCable TiesHeatshrink, and Braided Sleeving.

He chose to begin his cable management with Cable Ties, to create manageable and easy to identify bundles. Cat5 and Cat6 cables are frequently used and often hard to identify and differentiate. Colored Flexo® PET sleeving or heatshrink can help to more easily identify specific cables. In this case, the rack is very well organized and cables can easily be traced to their connection points making maintenance and troubleshooting easier on the user.

We love featuring unique wire harness applications and want to thank @everything_onpoint for sharing his Home Automation assembly with us!

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