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The Most Hilarious Cable Labeling Memes on the Internet

One of the most practical tools in cable management can additionally generate some of the greatest anecdotes. What are some of the remarkably creative and amusing ways the Internet has shown cable labeling in action?

Our first cable label discovery was on an ingenious label affixed to a pipe at one plant. The Redditor who posted it aptly pointed out the unknown label creator “had one job.” Another commented how awesome it is a label maker of this size exists to print such a creation. The second and similar labeling job offers an honest and identical assessment. One Redditor expressed this ambiguous cable flag was an idea they wanted to try, proposing a run of wires to nowhere just for the excuse to attach this same cable label — or even better, one for the “Panic Room.” Then watch out when grandma gets a label maker, like this person’s, who expressed her honesty with that one mystery switch to “Russia” on her wall plate. But then there are examples when the labeling message specifying an item’s use is spot on, like in the case of the hand dryer below. It’s a scary thought what someone may have done in this restroom to prompt that label.

Here’s another fine example of hilarious cable labeling, thanks to an apprentice who was asked to label this cable with a number “8.” They evidently had a varied interpretation of the labeling request and used the homonym “ate” instead. But then there are those who “get it” and put their labeling sarcasm to work, like the guy who was supposed to label the plugs for his wife…and literally did so.

What happens when people in the office are warned to curb their use of the communal label printer? First is the genius who labeled the message on this printer, with the second one adhering their response to the machine. One Redditor joked in reply that thankfully, all their labels “are absolutely necessary.” “I’m calling shenanigans,” someone else wrote about the pair of labels, “it’s obviously in the same handwriting.” And then there’s another example of what happens when one co-worker dictates to another not to excessively use the label maker. A passive aggressive, anonymous labeling flame war can ensue — lesson of the day: keep a lid on it when you’re microwaving…and labeling.

And finally, here’s a place where there’s not one cable label in sight among the hundreds of wires tangled together like spaghetti. The Imgurian who posted this one fittingly included hashtags like “#myeyesarebleeding.” As one person suggested, “Burn it and start over from scratch.” Another replied, “This is making my OCD hurt.” The moral of this story is encapsulated within the Imgur image title: “Label your cable.”

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