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Top Cable Management Tools & Products of 2023

Editor’s Note: WireHarness.com has passed the mic over to our friends at CableOrganizer® for this post. As experts in cable management for over two decades, CableOrganizer® has their fingers on the pulse of what has been trending in cable management in 2023.

Are you ready to take cable management to the next level in all areas of your life, whether in your home, garage or workplace? Learning wire management is an art to protect your electronics and electrical items, while keeping the people in your life safe from trip hazards. It also effectively neatens a space after cord clutter has morphed things into an eyesore.

The team at CableOrganizer® has compiled a few of the popular cable management tools and products below that consumers have been searching for on our website so far in 2023.

BlueLounge® CableDrop® Cord Clips — Keep the wires for your charger cords and favorite devices organized and in place with these self-adhesive CableDrop® cable managers from BlueLounge®. Their appealing aesthetic makes them a nice-looking solution for cables on desks, tables, the interior of your vehicle and other locations where they are easily seen. Pop cables from above into these flexible clips, then lock them into place. You may even find them useful beyond cable management: try affixing one to your desk and clipping a pen into it. They come in packs of six, with the CableDrop® Mini in a pack of nine. 

BlueLounge® CableBox® — Another BlueLounge® innovation with an “out of sight, out of mind” approach is the CableBox®. Use this handy, fire-retardant PVC box to disguise and neaten the appearance of plugs in your surge protector, keeping them free of dust and dirt. There’s no need to unplug anything: simply open the box, lay the surge protector inside of it and then replace the cover. The CableBox® Mini comes with its own four-outlet power strip. 

Smart Strip Power Saving Surge Protector — Since we’re on the subject of surge protectors and power strips, why not talk about one with energy-saving elements? The Smart Strip Advanced Power Strip features a convenient on-off lighted switch and uses less than one watt stand-by current draw when it is on. This power strip also comes with EMI/RFI noise filtering that maintains quality connections.

Flexo® F6® Semi-Rigid Braided Sleeving — F6® is a simple and cost-effective way to neaten and protect wire bundles. This split tube braided sleeving enables you to bundle an array of wires with oversized connectors. You can also wrap this sleeving around existing wire harnesses and accommodate cable breakouts.

Zipper Cable Sleeve Braided Wrap — This product makes it easy to bundle cables at any point along a run, securely zippering this heavy duty polyester wrap over them. It expedites your cable management application to quickly organize your wires and cables.

Humanscale® NeatLinks Under Desk Cable Manager — This is a J-channel-style cable manager that applies easily with adhesive backing and without tools. It comes equipped with pre-drilled screw holes for use where adhesive cannot be applied. Mount it horizontally or vertically, under or on your desk — and even to walls. The larger model has enough room to fit a power strip inside when it is hanging horizontally.

Adhesive Cable Clips — These are easy and effective self-adhesive cable managers that can be placed on desks, furniture, walls, flooring, ceilings or virtually anywhere else. Affix these clips along the route of your wire, placing the cable under the clip’s retaining arm.

Wrap N Strap® Cord Organizer — There are endless uses for this simple-to-use, reusable cord organizer. Stretch it over cable bundles then secure it to size using one of the included plastic fasteners.

GripLockTies™ — Consumers continue to search for reusable cable management products like these releasable cable ties. The rubber-lined surface locks them into place without overtightening. This design prevents damage to wire and cable jackets, cushioning harnesses. Remove them as needed to change out wires or for maintenance.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® General Purpose Cable Wrap — Here is another cable management solution that is a cinch to cinch. Use this hook and loop wrap anywhere where there are cords at home, in the office or on-the-go. Lasso it on one end of your cord. Next, bundle your cord and align it with the wrap. Loop the wrap around the bundle until it is completely wrapped onto itself. You can just as easily undo it as needed.

Cord Organizer Kits — If you’d like to knock out multiple cable management predicaments simultaneously, a cord organizer kit could be your answer. The CableOrganizer® team has put together these curated kits stocked with supplies for various wire organization scenarios, including home theater wire management, desk and office, a wire end termination kit and cable management kits with a variety of cable ties. These kits save you time because all your items are picked out already. They also save you money because there’s a built-in discount for purchasing the items together.

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