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I love when an unexpected source provides a great wire harness! We expect to see a wire harness in the automotive industry, a computer mod, a home theatre and the audio industry. Who would expect a company like LM Cases, which manufacture carrying and shipping cases, to use wire harnesses?

@Lm_cases reached out to us on instagram in order to share their cable management solutions. LM Cases manufacture reusable carrying and shipping cases for a variety of industries including businesses, military, entertainment, and sports. Their Instagram page features a variety of the different cases they offer along with some cable management techniques. The entertainment industry is an industry familiar with cable management for audio and video equipment.

LM Cases did an amazing job the custom podcasting kit with the purple wiring. The use of printed heatshrink is perfect for a sleek cable and for identification or branding purposes. The added pop of color is always a nice touch!

This setup is also clean and super sleek. The use of black cables keeps a subtle and subdued look to the harness. The matching black Cable Ties are perfect to harness the wires subtly and economically. They are also easily cut and removed if the harness needs to be changed. This harness features Apple cables which are a common feature amongst today’s technology and cable management needs. Personalizing and modifying Apple cables is a common practice and adds s unique feature to their white appearance. LM Cases bundles their 30pin and Lightning cables with black Techflex® Braided Sleeving. A lot of different sleeving options could do the job, ultimately the aesthetic appeal you want determines which sleeving variety or color you use. The sleeving is terminated cleanly with small cuts of heatshrink, which is also available in a variety of colors.

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