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Under The Hood Of The BMW M6

We had a chance to drive and look under the hood of a new 2014 BMW M6. Nothing to say but Wow! This is one of the most amazingly powerful and richly detailed vehicles I have ever sat in, no less been fortunate enough to drive.

To my great pleasure I found some beautiful sleeving applications under the hood including a Polyester braid and some fabric shrink which were very nicely installed and routed. If you can imagine this engine starting with a quiet rumble just loud enough to wake the neighbor’s cat. This subtle soothing sound is replaced by a G force filled gear shifting growl of this incredible car barely breaking a sweat. I can’t say I ever felt like I even pushed a single limit of what this car must be capable of but boy was it a treat to wield.

You don’t expect a race car to be finished like a tailored suit and you don’t expect a luxury vehicle to perform like a rocket ship, but this car does both in style. The finishes under the hood are just as impressive with the Bimmers powerhouse cranking over 550 Horsepower. The detail work on the wire and hose assemblies are just as well managed as you should expect for a car of such significant value. Not all auto makers take the time to cut the sleeving properly with a hot knife like Techflex® always advises. This simple step can keep your harness looking great even if your project car isn’t worth over 100k.

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