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What Are the Different Techflex® Sleeving Categories?

No braided sleeving or wrap is the same. Each has its own characteristics designed to work in specific temperatures, be around particular hazards, and withstand various environments. For those reasons, they come in different materials, and styles, with Techflex® a go-to trusted braided sleeving and wrap resource. To facilitate choosing sleeving or wrap for an application, Techflex® has created categories where each type resides. What are these braided sleeving categories and some of the products within each?

General Purpose:

The general purpose category houses sleeving for numerous everyday applications, with some automotive, A/V, home, office, marine, and others among them. It can be used for color coding, aesthetics, abrasion resistance, organization, and overall protective purposes. Many types in this category are made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) like Flexo® PET, one of our most popular that can expand up to 150% to cover connectors. There are some situations when braided sleeving cannot be cut with a hot knife, and this is where  Flexo® Clean Cut® steps in, maintaining its fray resistance without chemical binders or adhesives. Flexo® F6® is a PET split, semi-rigid tube sleeve with a 25% overlap that effectively covers existing wire runs, which facilitates wire maintenance on harnesses. Some general purpose sleeving is made of materials other than PET like VersaWraptor®, a flexible polyester wrap. It organizes wires, cables, and hoses with moderate to heavy use, keeping them contained with a hook and loop closure. Other Techflex® sleeving and wraps in the general purpose category are: Flexo® PET Plus, F6® Woven Wrap, Flexo® Tight Weave, F360™, Flexo® Remix™, Flexo® Overexpanded™, Flexo® Prismix™, Flexo® Wrap, and GripWrap®.

Heavy Duty:

Heavy machinery in extreme environments require specialized wire, cable, and hose protection for abrasion resistance, to safeguard from wear and tear, to challenge mechanic stress, and for other purposes. The Techflex® heavy duty category protects cable and wire harnesses with durable materials like nylon, flame retardant neoprene, and 1,000 Denier Cordura®. Like the general purpose category, there are products that offer slip on, PET protection for heavy duty applications, such as Flexo® Heavy Wall. Others feature scissor cutting qualities for fray-resistance, like resin-coated, nylon Clean Cut® Heavy Duty. Two that can provide color coding, along with impact, cut, and puncture resistance for electric vehicle high voltage cables, are Battle Braid® and F6® Battle Wrap. Battle Braid® is a slip on sleeve, and F6® Battle Wrap, which took home the SEMA Global Media Award, offers a split tube construction. Both are designed to cover wires with sturdy protection, and color code to alert first responders to high voltage cables during EV emergencies at crash scenes. Flexo® Rodent Resistant is braided with filaments that repel chewing rodents from wires. Other heavy duty sleeves and wraps include Dura Braid®, Turtle Wrap, Dura Wrap®, Dura Flex® Pro, Flexo® Super Duty, Gator Wrap®, Gorilla Sleeve®, OVR Braid®, and F6® Heavy Duty.

Metal & Shielding:

Many customers turn to braided metal and shielding sleeving when protection is needed to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI) and other threats for wire harnesses. Flexo® Anti-Stat is one shielding type with microscopic carbon compounds infused into the nylon braid. This category offers products that provide grounding or increase electrical transmission. Aerospace, along with high flex and temperature applications, benefit from the grounding and shielding powers in the 100% copper braid of Flexo® Copper. Automotive chemicals and saltwater are just two of several threats that Flexo® Stainless Steel XC challenges, while offering abrasion protection. Flexo® Brass enhances harnesses, with brass boasting antimicrobial properties. Other sleeves in the metal and shielding category are Flexo® Stainless Steel, Flexo® Silver Plated, Flexo® Shield, Flexo® Tinned Copper, and Flexo® Tinned Copper Flat.

Advanced Engineering:

The sophisticated materials needed for aviation and aerospace wires are frequently lightweight yet strong, with heat resistance. Some advanced engineering sleeving types like F6® Nomex® combine the self-wrapping F6® construction with flame retardancy. The high-tech materials in Flexo® Halar®, Flexo® PPS, Flexo® PEEK, Flexo® Helix2, Flexo® Poly-Pro, and Flexo® PFA work in military, aviation, aerospace, telecom, and automotive applications. Self-extinguishing Clean Cut® Flame Retardant and Flexo® FR Plus are scissor-cut, non-fraying sleeves. Aramids are braided into sleeving to add heat resistance and strength to Flexo® KV, Flexo® NX, and Aramid Armor®.  Other sleeves in the advanced engineering category include Flexo® Ultimate FR, Flexo® Flame Retardant, Flexo® Wrap Flame Retardant, Flexo® F6® Flame Retardant, Vectran®, and Flexo® Tight Weave™ FR.

High Temperature:

There are many environments with elevated temperatures that benefit from wire, cable, and hose protection. Techflex® offers multiple high temperature sleeves, wraps, and other unique products that incorporate fiberglass yarns, aluminized exteriors, vermiculite, silica, basalt, silicone, and similar materials into their designs. These can help keep heat and flame away from harnesses, surfaces, and even serve as personal protection for welders. This category has several product families, including Insultherm®, ThermaShield®, FireFlex®, Dragon, Volcano®, and Foil. Insultherm® Spark Plug Boots slide over spark plug boots to protect them in temperatures up to 1,200°F (649°C). There is also the Insultherm® Header Wrap that overlaps exhaust pipes with a texturized fiberglass yarn and vermiculate coating. T6 ThermaShield® features the split F6® construction with a fiberglass interior and aluminized exterior. FireFlex® Snap Wrap can snap closed around existing wire runs to protect in minimum temperatures of 500°F (260°C). Wires in electrotechnical applications are safeguarded by the basalt in Volcano® Sleeve, in temperatures up to 1,200°F (649°C). High heat industries count the personal protection from Dragon Arm®, and Weld Wrap® to cover hoses. Moreextreme temperature sleeves, wraps, and other products to beat the heat, include: Insultherm®, Insultherm® HD, Insultherm® Ultra Flex®, Insultherm® Ultra Flex® Pro, Insultherm® Tru-Fit, Insultherm® Silica Header Wrap, ThermaShield® Tube, ThermaShield® Convoluted, ThermaShield® Connector Shields, ThermaShield® Wrap, ThermaShield® Tape, Weld Wrap HD®, FireFlex®, FireFlex® Wrap, FireFlex® Flat, FireFlex® Aero, Flexo® Silica Sleeve, ThermaShield® Flat, Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Weld Wrap HD®, Volcano® Wrap, Volcano® Exhaust Sleeve, Dragon Blanket®, and Dragon Sleeve®.


When customers have requested sleeves for particular purposes, Techflex® has stepped up to the plate to engineer the ones within this diverse category. Specialty sleeves, for example, reduce noise, like Flexo® Noise Reduction, and the self-wrapping F6® Quiet. F6® Flat is another one that suppresses sounds, while providing abrasion resistance to harnesses in vehicle headliners, under carpets, and in other constrained automotive spaces. Others in the category prevent slipping on cable snakes in high traffic locations, with Flexo® Non-Skidcreated for the broadcasting industry. The HVAC industry can count on Dura HVAC Wrap to keep lines protected from rain, mildew, UV rays, abrasion, and wind. Flexo® Reflex® is a Techflex® product that increases visibility with reflective qualities in several settings, including on bicycle cables, stage wiring, hoses, and more. With expansion capabilities up to 150% Flexo® Mylar is not just for wire beautification but can be used to create fly-fishing lures. Other specialty products are Braided Carbon Fiber (lightweight, medium, and heavy), Cotton Sleeve, Dura Race, Nylon Monofilament, Nylon Multifilament, Studio Key Wrap, Flexo® Chrome, Flexo® Chrome XC, F6® Reflex®, Flexo® 6 Mil, L6 Liquid Wrap, and Flexo® Thin.

Electrical Insulation:

Several styles of Flex Glass® sleeves are within the electrical insulation category. These sleeves are made for Grade A or C with braided fiberglass, and are then coated with dielectric acrylic, vinyl, or silicone. Acrylic Flex Glass® is suitable for lead/crossover protection on motors, radio circuits, and transformers, with Grade A for 7,000V and Grade C for 2,500V. Generators, motors, transformer insulation, and resistor leads are strong candidates for Vinyl Flex Glass®, which features Grade A for 8,000V and Grade C for 2,500V. Silicone Flex Glass® is for heavy duty applications, and is even able to hold up with 10 megarads of radiation, with Grade Afor 8,000V and Grade C for 2,500V. There are fire retardant varieties of Silicone Flex Glass® too, with FR Silicone Flex Glass Grade A for 8,000V and FR Silicone Flex Glass Grade C for 2,500V. Class H Heavy Wall Silicone Flex Glass® is designed to handle dry-type transformer applications up to 15,000V, and resist common chemicals.

Techflex® braided sleeving specialists are available to answer questions about the best categories for your applications online or at 1-833-SLEEVING (1-833-753-3846).

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