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Who You Gonna Call For Proton Packs?

Did you try ordering the screen accurate Flexo® PET neon yellow braided sleeving with the black tracer from WireCare® for your Proton Pack mod, only to discover it ghosted you? If you were slimed while waiting for its return, we’ve got some great news — the sleeving has returned to the WireCare® website.

Some back story about the back ordered braided sleeving: WireCare® is new to the Proton Pack world. There was a huge influx of purchases for the sleeving; and it quickly ran out of stock. Their team only learned about the overwhelming demand for this neon Flexo® PET after reading a plug on this fan forum about the sleeving being used for the Proton Pack mod. After it was back in stock, WireHarness.com learned WireCare® worked tirelessly to ship back and new incoming orders in the order received.

WireCare® received many grateful replies (along with photos of the mods) to a letter they sent to customers who had been waiting for their orders. Many said they were thankful not only for the letter, but how WireCare® handled their back orders. In the event this product flies off the WireCare® website again because of high demand, we’ve heard Proton Pack operators need to just place an order to reserve one.

A Proton Pack pro tip we’d like to pass on after reading the fan forum commentary about frayed braided sleeving one cosplayer experienced: that can happen when scissor-cutting some sleeving types. We recommend while you’re shopping for braided sleeving to pick up a hot knife to professionally cut and seal sleeving ends. There are other products you can use in your mod too including wires and cables, heatshrinkVELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® products, electrical tape, Harnessflex® Conduit and spiral wrap.

*Special Thanks to Brian O., Cameron M., Door County Ghost Busters, Eric P., James F., Jake L., Matt G., Nathan B., Richard G., and Sam R. for sending in photos of your Proton Packs!

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